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If you are interested in stocking Blacklist in your store, please fill out the form below in Dutch or English.
Please allow a period of 2 business days for a reply from us.

To get an idea of our product range, you can visit the webshop (Galerie Frits). 

Thanks for submitting!


1. If you are establishing your business and are yet to open, please only submit an wholesale enquiry form once you have established a social media presence, can supply photos of your retail space and brand alignments. Applications missing this information will not be accepted.

2. Please check your location in comparison to our current stockist, if you are within close proximity we will place your application on file however in respect to our current stockist we may not be able to facilitate a wholesale relationship.

3. To support your wholesale enquiry, please submit photos of your retail space from the inside and exterior/entrance so we can get a detailed understanding of your space. You can send additional photo's to

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